Keeping the Faith: “It Must Be Raining”

Pastor Ronnie McBrayer talks about love in this Keeping the Faith column: It must be raining…


New Christian Book Shares Pro-Life Methods

A new Christian book, Abortion Free shares proven strategies to close abortion clinics.


Q & A: Chet Harrigan Recruiting for (Virtual) Bible Camp

That daring youth leader Chet Harrigan returns for a sneak preview of his upcoming Bible Camp — and he’s signing up virtual campers, also known as readers. Learn more.


New from Cliff Ball: Times of Tribulation

Cliff Ball has released the seventh novel in his The End Times Saga series.


Keeping the Faith: The Pearl of Great Price

The pearls of this world are deceiving. We need to set our eyes on the true prize. That’s the message of this Keeping the Faith column by Pastor Ronnie McBrayer.


New Book Focuses on Achilles Heel of Evolution

A new book looks at the weaknesses of Charles Darwin theory that mankind evolved. Learn more.


Third Bible Camp Mystery to be Released

The third Bible Camp Mystery by Cheryl Rogers is slated for release next month. Learn more.


Keeping the Faith: What is Wrong With the World?

If we want real change, it’s got to begin within. That’s the message of this Keeping the Faith column by Pastor Ronnie McBrayer.


What Did Jesus Say — A New Book from Rev. Terry Christian

A new book by Rev. Terry Christian focuses on the words of Jesus. Learn more.


New Album Highlights the Power of God’s Word

Seeds Family Worship has released a new album focused on the power of God’s Word.



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