New Christian Book, Healing Rain, Dedicated to Cancer Victims

Fred Raynaud has penned a new book with prophetic undertones, Healing Rain.


Keeping the Faith: Extremist for Love

Pastor Ronnie McBrayer talks about inequality, extremism and change in this Keeping the Faith column about Martin Luther King Jr.

Bible Quiz: Notables Quotes #20

Bible Quiz, Notables Quotes #20, is live. Check it out and share it!

New From Wendy Duhe Woods: As Time Goes By

Wendy Duhe Woods has released her first novel, As Time Goes By. Learn more.

Keeping the Faith: Sometimes Heroes Need a Hero

Pastor Ronnie McBrayer the heroes who live with Alzheimer’s — and the heroics of those who help them.

Helping the Homeless: New Books Shows Fruits of Obedience

Susie Jennings tells how her worldwide ministry began with giving away blankets to the homeless in Dallas.

Bible Quiz: Notable Quotes #19

It’s live! Bible Quiz, Notable Quotes #19. Check it out and share it!

New Christian Book Re-Examines Creation Account, Concludes Adam Had to Die

Herbert J. Brunswick Jr. offers deep revelation about the creation of man in his Bible-based book, Adam Had to Die.

Keeping the Faith: The Procession Must Go On?

We may prefer to live a lie than admit the truth about ourselves, but recognizing our true reality is a necessary prerequisite to change. That’s the message of this Keeping the Faith column by Pastor Ronnie McBrayer.

Fast Track to Victory: LOVE is in the Charge

Sometimes when things aren’t going as well as we’d like, it helps to remember LOVE is in charge. That’s the message of this Fast Track to Victory column by Cheryl Rogers.

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