Keeping the Faith: God’s Surprises

God’s ways are not our ways, as we can see in this Keeping the Faith column about surprises.


Bible Quiz, Notable Quotes #16

Check out the latest Bible Quiz and test your knowledge!

A Nation Under Judgment: New Christian Book Issues Warning to USA

Richard Capriola’s new book, A Nation Under Judgment warns people in the United States about the price of ignoring of God’s mandates.

Keeping the Faith: Chains and Change

Chains can keep us under control, but they are not capable of truly changing us. That’s the message of this Keeping the Faith column by Pastor Ronnie McBrayer.

New from Keith Craft: Your Divine Fingerprint

Pastor Keith Craft talks about our uniqueness in his new book Your Divine Fingerprint.

Keeping the Faith: Hope is a Dangerous Thing

Pastor Ronnie McBrayer talks about the power of hope in this Keeping the Faith column.

Fast Track to Victory: Walking in the Truth

When we build our lives on what we see with our eyes, we risk being deceived. That’s the message of this Fast Track to Victory column by Cheryl Rogers.

A NEW book by seasoned serial entrepreneur, Tim Hoerr

Successful serial entrepreneur Tim Hoerr shares his business adventures in his new faith-based book, Risking It.

New From James Craig: A Message of Love to Men

In his new book, James Craig challenges men so they will assume their rightful place in the Earth.

Black Friday Weekend Sale

Catch the Black Friday Weekend sale. Learn more.

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