Keeping the Faith: For Fools and Drunks

Pastor Ronnie McBrayer shares the story of Marvin and his marvelous insight: “God looks out for fools and drunks.”


Keeping the Faith: “Behind Every Beautiful Thing”

Pastor Ronnie McBrayer talks about beauty — and pain — in this Keeping the Faith column.

Cliff Ball Launches Historical Christian Fiction Series

Cliff Ball launches a historical Christian fiction series with The Long Journey, scheduled for release April 6.

New Christian Book Ministers to the Broken

Dr. Andre’ K. Mickel has written a book offering hope to those suffering tribulations. Learn more.

Civil War Story Released

A Fall of Sparrows, by Paul J. Bennett, looks at the Civil War and the battle over human life.

Keeping the Faith: Let The Water Settle

Pastor Ronnie McBrayer talks about stillness, hearing from God, and true peace in this Keeping the Faith column.

Fast Track to Victory: The End of the Road

In this Fast Track to Victory column, Cheryl Rogers talks about what do when you are out of options.

Keeping the Faith: Redemption?

Pastor Ronnie McBrayer talks about redemption in this Keeping the Faith column.

Bible Quiz, Notable Quotes #23

Check out and share the latest Bible Quiz, Notable Quotes #23.

Book of Bible Charts Being Revised

The popular Rose Book of Bible Charts, Maps & Time Lines is being updated. Learn more.

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